Henrik Bruus
Henrik Bruus / Professor of Theoretical Physics, Technical University of Denmark

Henrik Bruus received his Ph.D. degree in physics from Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen in 1990, and then worked as postdoc at Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics 1990-92, Yale University 1992-94 and CNRS Grenoble 1994-96. He returned to the Niels Bohr Institute as associate professor 1997-2001, before moving to the Technical Univer­sity of Denmark in 2001. There, he became full professor of lab-chip systems in 2005 and of theoretical physics in 2012. His current research interests comprise micro/nanofluidics, acoustofluidics, electrokinetics, the physics of on-chip cell manipulation, the motion of sugar in living plants, and topology-optimized microflows. He has (co)au­thor­ed 130 journal papers on condensed matter physics and microfluidics, 180 conference papers, and 2 mono­graphs, the latest being « Theoretical Microfluidics« , Oxford University Press (2008).

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