Aleksandra Radenovic
Aleksandra Radenovic / Associate professor at EPFL, School of Engineering (STI)

Prof Aleksandra Radenovic is an associate professor at EPFL, School of Engineering (STI) where she started leading the Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology (LBEN) in 2008. She works in the research field that can be termed as single molecule biophysics. She develops techniques and methodologies based on optical imaging, bio-sensing and single molecule manipulation with an aim to monitor the behaviour of individual biological molecules and complexes in vitro and in live cells. Her current research is focused on developing and using nanopores as platform for molecular sensing and manipulation. In particular she focuses on solid-state nanopores realized either in glass nanocapillaries, or on suspended 2 D-material membranes and standard silicon-nitride membranes. In addition her lab develops various modalities of super-resolution optical microscopy, based on single molecule localizations (SMLM) with an aim to extract quantitative information from the single molecule data.

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