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Guidelines for presenters

Abstract submission

Please download the abstract template here, it includes the guidelines for the submission.


We ask you to be present at your session in the lecture room 15 minutes before the start of the keynote of your session to meet with the session chair, to test-connect your laptop and to answer any questions that you or they may have. If you want to check your presentation (test run), we have a preview room available during the entire conference. Signs will be put up to guide you to the preview room.
The first session will immediately follow the plenary lecture the Keynote speaker of your session, so please make sure you are present during this lecture.

You are required to bring your presentation on your own computer. A laser pointer and a microphone will be provided. Please remember to strictly observe and not exceed your allotted time: 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Please repeat all questions after they are asked. Often the audience does not understand or hear the question and it is extremely useful for the question to be repeated.


Posters have to be printed by the presenters. Poster boards and pins will be provided by the organisation of the conference. The provided posters boards will be 1 meter wide and 1.25 meters high, please make sure your poster does not exceed these dimensions. Posters will be displayed during the entire conference. Please mount your poster on the poster board assigned to you before 10.30 hr on Monday 3 July and remove it before 16.00 hr on Wednesday 21 July.

The list of posters can be found here; please make sure you know the number of your poster to know where to put it up. A map of the exhibition with numbered poster boards to help you to find the right board, can be found here. If you have any trouble please go to the organization stand, in front of the Auditorium.

Odd-numbered posters should be presented on Monday; even-numbered posters should be presented on Tuesday. For those enlisted for the poster-prize: please note that posters without first-author presenters will not be judged.



Videos should be maximally 2 minutes long, audio cannot be accommodated on site. Make sure your video is about your research and understandable for a broad audience. The best video will be awarded 500 euros.
High quality videos are preferred. Begin with a title screen followed by the video. The title should consist of a black background with white text stating « Flow 17 video contest », video title, abstract ID, contributor names and affiliations.


You can submit a video for the contest if you have an approved poster of talk. Use the abstract ID of this contribution as reference. The movies can be uploaded on YouTube and should have the text « Flow17 video contest » and your abstract ID in the description. You can subscribe for the movie contest by sending a short abstract, including the video title, abstract ID, contributor contributor names and affiliations and video link to contact@flow17conference.com. Video submission is possible until XXX.